20-Amp Battery Charger Upgrade

The Action Trackchair 20 Amp Battery Charger upgrade is a great way to speed up battery charging time. It allows you to spend more time in the outdoors and less time next to an outlet.


This popular upgrade for Falcon, ST, TR and NT models adds a Velcro pocket on the right and a beverage holder on the left, in addition to the standard padded arm rests.


The Action Trackchair Attendant Control is intended for an individual who may not be able to control the chair via the joystick but still wants to get out and about. The Attendant Control allows a separate individual to stand behind the chair and control it. It also makes loading and unloading the chair from a carrier a breeze.

Custom Contoured Seating Upgrade

This upgrade provides lumbar and side support in the back cushion. It is available on all TR models, all ST models (except ST16 & ST18), and all NT models (except NT14 & NT16). There are three color options: black with camo inset, black with digital camo inset, and black with black inset. The base cushion will match the color that is chosen for the seat back.

Goal Post Joystick

The Goal Post Joystick is for the user with reduced hand grip. You simply operate the Trackchair with your wrist and arm movement. This upgrade mounts to the existing joystick controls.

Head Rest

The Head Rest adds additional neck and head support for the user. This option is strongly recommended for those users who are 5’10″ and taller, or with weaker upper body strength. The color of the Head Rest will match the seat color you choose.

Zinc Primer Coat

The zinc primer coat is highly recommended for those who plan to visit the beach frequently or those who live in salty-air climates.  Applied prior to the powder coat paint, this primer will help to protect against rusting.